Monday, February 7, 2011

Ooops! It's been busy in our house!

Long time no update!!

Noelle is doing GREAT!! She is up to 27 lbs now, it's amazing how much she's grown and how healthy she is. I've said it before and I'll say it again, she is our little miracle baby.

Noelle's newest 'trick' is going into her crate on her own. I've been bringing one of her treats with me every night and slowly pushing her into the crate and giving her her treat once she's in, and now if she sees me stand next to her crate with a treat she scoots her little butt right in and sits for her treat. Such a good girl!! And so smart! We are still working on 'stay', but she's still a very excitable little puppy so it'll take some more time.

I'm starting a new job tomorrow, and next week Noelle will start coming with me to work (she needs her Kennel Cough vaccine first), which I hope will be a good opportunity for her to meet new people and maybe find her future home! Don't stop sharing her story, though! It's going to be so hard for me to say goodbye, I am so in love with my little Belly, but I am looking forward to seeing her go to a home where she will be spoiled and loved and cared for for the rest of her life.

Love. Her. So. Much.

I've started feeding Noelle twice daily (down from three times now that she's over 4 months). It's only been a couple of days but she's doing well on it. She sure does love her food! She knows that the 'big dogs' get to have their bowls put down first, and she's finally stopped running to their bowls to try to gobble their food before they can. Now, I put down the big girl bowls, and Noelle runs to the spot where I put her bowl and waits patiently for me to put her food down. I'm telling you, this girl is SMART!

Thankfully, there hasn't been another seizure. I am going to have the doc check out her skin tomorrow, she's got a few bald patches that I'm a little concerned about, but it doesn't seem to bother her. I think it's rugburn from her 'peel outs' when she kind of skids around playing with the big girls. Better to check, of course, than to assume!

We are off to bed now (Noelle is already snoring at my side), it's an early day for mama and puppies alike!

Thank you for caring about Noelle, and PLEASE continue sharing her story!!


  1. hi Kayte... i was wondering if you had an email address i could write to? i am interested in Noelle and would just like to ask some questions.


  2. Hi Kimberly~

    My email is, I'd be glad to answer your questions!!

  3. I've had many handy capped fosters and this little girl is a heart breaker. But she was ment to be here and there is a right place for her. Such a sweet baby. I'm sure you love her lots.:)

  4. what is happening with Noelle these days? i check her blog often. she is so sweet and pretty!

  5. Hi,

    How is Noelle doing? Has this special pup been adopted? She is such a sweet girl.