Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I can't believe Noelle hasn't been adopted yet!!

I'm going to make this short and sweet since I am still writing from my Blackberry.

No one has applied to adopt Noelle! People have shown interest, but there's been zero follow through. I feel like it may be because the word "hydrocephalus" is scary, and the little green heart next to her Petfinder profile to show that she is special needs are scary to people. So I want to clarify Noelle's condition.

1. Noelle has NO IDEA she is considered special needs. She is a spunky, playful, smart, active puppy. As I am writing this, she is running circles around the house and jumping all over our Chewy. Noelle knows her name, her nicknames, sit, "no", and understands body language. She's smarter than our "normal" dogs.

2. Noelle is on medication. She is on Phenobarbitol for seizure prevention and Prilosec OTC to keep the swelling in her head down. She will need t have blood work periodically to be sure the Phenobarb is doing its job. s all. Easy and affordable- no need to be scared!

3. Noelle is the absolute sweetest puppy on the planet, and the toughest as well. She is SO deserving of a forever home where she will be loved and adored unconditionally.

Please help us find Noelle her Happily Ever After. She is dangerously close to becomming my first foster-failure, and that Wouldn't be best for her.

Blackberry is acting up, so off I go. But please please share Noelle's story everywhere.

Thank you for caring about my sweet little foster baby!


  1. it is pretty crazy that she has not been scooped up yet but i am sure you are right on the nose, it does scare a lot of people to read her info and medical condition. the very right family will come along for her, there is one for all of them but some take more time than others. you are doing such an amazing job with her!!!!

  2. I am sure she will find a perfect home, I just don't want her to get too used to being here. She's so happy and stable I don't want to mess her up. Thanks for your support!!

  3. She is so cute; I think most people don't consider adoption during the winter.

  4. Just shared her on FB, what a beautiful little girl!