Sunday, January 2, 2011

Noelle: Day Four (12-31-2010)

Noelle came home today!

This poor baby is exhausted, but so happy to be loved. She still has Valium working through her system, so she's a little groggy and goofy, but as she's waking up she's more and more alert and puppy like!!

Noelle walked on the leash today, and knew to go to the bathroom in the grass and everything!! She is VERY wobbly, and her back legs have no muscle tone what soever. She doesn't seem to understand that her back legs are part of her body, but we are hoping that will improve with time and exercise.

This will be a day of rest for Noelle, she has been through a lot and really deserves it. The above photo was taken at Midnight on New Years, and I am so excited that it's a new chance for Noelle. 

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