Sunday, January 2, 2011

Noelle: Day Six (1-2-2011)

This morning I was roused from sleep by a very insistent "Yip! RrrrrrrrrrrrrYIP!"... to which I replied "Good Morning, Noelle!"... to which SHE replied "RRRRRRRRRRyipyipYIP!". I went to the hall to get her leash and collar, and by the time I got back Noelle had peed in her crate. Totally not her fault, she tried to wake me up, and I am SO thrilled to learn that her morning "Yip!" is her saying "I gotta go NOW!". I know she will develop more control as she stabilizes, and it's a great sign that she knows to tell me "I need to go outside!".

After our morning walk, Noelle snuggled back in bed with me for a while.

A little bit ago we went for another walk, a longer one, and Noelle REALLY gets going once she starts walking straight! At first she'll do a few slow circles, then she'll pee. Then some fast circles, then poop. Then time for some serious exercise. Once she manages to get herself on a straight path, there's no stopping her. She falls down occasionally (lucky there's snow to break her fall) but she gets right back up, puts her ears back, and CHARGE!! She could not be happier, this dog LOVES to run. I can't wait til this snow is gone so I can take her to my inlaws and run laps in the back yard with her (ours isn't fully fenced).

My favorite part of today: my dogs caught me sneaking out the back door with Noelle. And Noelle's tail immediately started going. As Noelle isn't vaccinated yet, I can't let them make friends, but all involved parties were wagging and smiling- including my husband and I. When I took Noelle outside, she walked down the steps all by herself!! She's gone up a couple of times already, but this was her first time successfully making it down. SO HAPPY!!!

She managed to stay still for long enough for me to get this:

I love my wonky little foster baby, and I can't even tell you how exciting it is to see her improvement on a day to day basis. 

Noelle still needs help with her veterinary bills and ongoing care. If you are able, please go to her ChipIn page by following this link.

Thank you so much for caring about Noelle and her story!! I have a feeling it's going to have a really happy ending :)


  1. Good job mama kayte. I will see you and that little foster baby friday?

  2. you are doing such an amazing job with Noelle!!! she is such a strong little girl.

  3. Thank you!! We love her, she is SO special and so deserving of every chance we can give her! We have very high hopes that she will soon be looking for her forever home <3