Friday, January 21, 2011

Noelle is a big girl!!

Hello, folks! Again, I am writing this from my blackberry, so please excuse typos or weird formatting.

So, today Noelle went to the vet to follow up from her spay and to get blood drawn for her phenobarbitol levels. She was such a good little patient! She has gained FIVE pounds, too! Our little baby is getting big!

Noelle hasn't had any more seizures, thankfully, and as she is growing she will need her phenobarb levels adjusted to prevent seizures in the future. Unfortunately, odds are every now and then she will seize, but with medication the frequency should be less than like 3 times a year. We are really lucky that that's the extent of her disability. The rest of her "stuff" is just quirky and kind of cute. Her wonky eye, her silly walk, and her slightly compromised depth perception just add to her special personality!

I absolutely can not believe Noelle hasn't been scooped up into a forever home yet! Please, PLEASE share this blog and her Petfinder page and help us find Noelle her Happliy Ever After!! As much as we love her, and as much as I'd love her to be a foster failure, nothing will make me happier than seeing her start her life in a stable forever environment. She so deserves it.

Aaaaaand... here are some Noelle pics from the past few days! Share share share, and as always, thank you for caring about Noelle!!

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