Monday, January 10, 2011

Noelle: Day Fourteen (I think...)

Noelle is not home with me as I write this, she is spending the night at Rippowam Animal Hospital, because she is getting spayed in the morning!! Once she has recovered from her spay surgery, she will be 100% ready to go to her new home, so start spreading the word!! I know I've said it before, but Noelle needs and deserves a special home where she will get the attention and love she needs. I'm going to be a LITTLE bit psycho about making sure the perfect family gets her.

Since Noelle isn't here today, I don't have much to write.

Last night Noelle's Auntie Rivers brought Noelle a sweater!! She was such a little princess, prancing around, feeling pretty. She is a happy go lucky little dog.

I am not feeling super creative, I'm running a little fever and have a little bit of a throat/chest sick. It'll actually be kind of nice to be able to sleep in tomorrow instead of getting up at dawn with a crying puppy (though I will miss our little piglet, for sure). My favorite part of the morning since we've had Noelle is after I take her for her early morning walk. It's a routine we have. We walk, she pees and poops, and I put her back in her crate and crawl back into bed for a few more hours. Noelle knows I'm there and not sleeping, so she cries and yips until Jimmy get's mad and I give in and tuck her into bed with me. She's good in the crate through the whole night, she just wants her morning cuddle. It goes a little something like this...:

Anyway, as I said, no big excitement today. I will let everyone know tomorrow how her surgery goes. I'm a little worried about the anesthesia because of her seizure issues and hydrocephalus, but the neurologist at the Animal Specialty Center said it would be fine, so I'm thinking positive. Keep our little punkin in your thoughts, send lots of positivity her way.

Here are some ridiculously cute photos for now!!

Thank you for loving Noelle as much as we do!! Please donate if you are able!

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