Sunday, January 2, 2011

Noelle: Day Two (12-29-2010)

Heidi (Bully Breed Rescue) and I visited Noelle today. 

The seizures seem to be under control. She was on a valium drip until 4:00 today, and then given phenobarbital, and has not had a seizure yet (as of 6:00 tonight), which the Dr. was VERY happy about. Her temperature has also dropped and is now normal! Noelle will be staying at the animal specialty center for a while for further tests, and also to start treating her hydrocephalus, now that it looks like the seizures are under control. 

We will know more tomorrow about her functionality and if there has been any brain damage due to the constant seizures and extremely high fever. Noelle will stay on an IV so she can continue to stay hydrated. Noelle will also be having a spinal tap to check for distemper, and addition blood work to check her liver functions and for any other infections that could have caused such a high temp. 

On a good note, Noelle was alert and responsive today. Though she was on a constant drip of valium, Noelle was very happy to see us and be held. She spent most of her time napping in our arms, but was happy to nibble our fingers when we went to put her back in her crate! 

Though Noelle is not out of the woods yet, we are very hopeful that Noelle will have a relatively normal functionality as she continues on her recovery. Please keep Noelle in your thoughts, and we will keep you updated on her progress! Thank you for caring about this sweet angel!

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