Friday, January 7, 2011

Noelle: Day Eleven

Good evening, Noelle fans! Great news! Noelle is feeling MUCH better today! She's still on chicken and rice until tomorrow, when I'll try her back on her puppy food, but she's doing well. Yaaaayyyy!!!!

Noelle had quite an adventure in the snow today. Sadly, I didn't get any photos, I was too busy wrangling her and trying to get her to go potty before running back in the house. She is NOT a fan of the cold or the wet. Once she discovered she was on her leash, she stopped busting towards the door and started hiding between my knees. She is such a baby. Our two full-time dogs LOVE the snow. Well, one of the two. The pittie-er of the two (Precious) is very prissy about getting her feet yucky, and I kind of feel like Noelle has that in common with her.

After exerting all of that energy, and still recovering from yesterday's lack of sleep due to incessant pooping, Noelle was ready for a nap. She curled up under my Snuggy (yes) with me and was almost instantly snoring. About an hour later (thankfully, because my arm was falling asleep) she woke up and was ready to play. So, I let her run around with our big girls, and man does Noelle LOVE other dogs.

This is the best photo I could get. That blur in the red circle is Noelle in action, running her crooked little self full force towards Precious and Chewy, who are SO gentle and easy with her.

They love each other. Which for a second makes me think I need to adopt Noelle, but I know we couldn't give her the one on one time she needs and deserves. We can, however, make sure she goes to a home where she is loved just as much as we love her, hopefully even more (if that's possible!).

It is now time for me to take our sweetums out for her after-dinner walk- wish us luck!! I am hoping that tomorrow we will be able to go to my husband's wonderful parents' house and let Noelle run in the snow in the back yard (maybe she'll like it off leash when it's not actively falling). She loves being off leash and she LOVES her Grammy and Grampa, she's so good at napping on my lap there, it's a nice break from chasing her all over :). She's such a spunky little baby, and so mild as far as the usual puppy stuff (no destructive chewing, YAY!!), she's really the perfect little angel.

Have a good night, folks!


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