Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Computer is Back! And Noelle is STILL looking for her forever home!!

Hooray, I can get back to normal updates!!

So, last night Noelle came with me to my friend Aurora's house, where she met a big dog named Riley and a kitten named Kano... shennanigans ensued.

Noelle is a sweet dog. A little slow. Doesn't really care if another animal doesn't like her, but loves to play with animals that do like her. Poor Riley was such a good sport, but Noelle was too much puppy for her- climbing on her head and barking at her tail. Kitten Kano was not at all interested in having a new dog in the house, and Noelle got a little scratched up. The good news- Noelle didn't react at all to the kitten's attack! She was startled for a moment, then walked away calmly. What a good girl!!

Here she is chewing on Riley's rawhide. Thanks for sharing, Ri!!

Noelle also got a stylin' new jacket yesterday. I know I'm ridiculous for dressing her up, but can you blame me? She's adorable!

I am stumped as to why no one, not one person, has filled out an application to adopt Noelle. 

Please continue to share her story!! 

More blog to come once I finish all the other stuff I've been missing on my computer.

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  1. I love her grump face!!! So glad she's doing well!!! Will repost for her on FB!