Thursday, January 13, 2011

Noelle: Officially a Real Puppy!

I've stopped counting the days. Noelle is part of the family, even just for a short time, and the days are starting to blur together. Partly because I have been on a puppy schedule and haven't slept well since we've had her, but mostly because I so sincerely enjoy my time with her.

So, Noelle is fully awake and not feeling any pain from her spay surgery. She's just as playful, though I've been trying to keep her calm. The best way to calm her, thus far, is to shove a chew toy in her mouth while she's sitting in my lap. She loves being close to 'her people', and she's still at the puppy chewing phase (more on that later...)

Precious and Chewy really want that toy, but they're very good about letting Noelle do her thing!!

The snow has been an issue for Noelle. Not only does it TOWER over her (it's up to my waist in part, for gods sake), but she's so tiny and has such short hair she gets cold REALLY quickly. Still, she's been good about letting me know when she needs to go out and we've had very few accidents. She's a smart little girl.

We've got some puppy treats for Noelle (thanks Heidi!) and she LOVES them. She even walks into her crate on her own now if she knows I've got a treat for  her. AND, she does sit! She's done it a couple times now, when the big dogs have done it too. She's learning from her foster sisters :). However, she's not always so well behaved when food's involved...

Here she is trying to get to the kitchen counter while I'm prepping dinner. (And yes, those are pink fluffy slippers. Hello Kitty if you must know.)

Last night we managed to do about a 10 minute walk (a LONG time for a freezing puppy and a sleepless foster mom), and Noelle was wiped out afterwards. Usually when she's tired and has had enough, be it play time or walking or eating, she'll hop up and curl up in my lap for a snooze. So I felt a little bit betrayed when I saw this...

But how can I be mad at that!?! My Precious loves to be a mommy to all of our foster babies, so it's not surprising that Noelle has warmed up to her. It's actually pretty touching to see how tolerant Precious is, letting Noelle chew on her ears and lounge all over her. They are very sweet together, I think our pups will miss Noelle when she finds her forever home.

Which brings me to this. Please spread the word about Noelle! She is now officially up for adoption and her Petfinder page can be found HERE. She needs a special home who can commit to providing life time care, which for her includes medication and check ups. We still need help paying Noelle's vet bills as well. Please go HERE to donate, and please share!

Oh, about that puppy chewing I mentioned earlier... Noelle's only victim thus far has been my laptop charger. She's a very responsible chewer, so I was surprised when she victimized my computer. If I am blog-less for a few days, that's why! I'm trying to dig up a replacement cord!

Thank you, as always, for caring about Noelle!!

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