Saturday, January 8, 2011

Noelle: Day Twelve

I can't believe how time flies with Noelle around to keep me busy!! She'll be ready for her forever home as early as next week, it's unbelievable how far she's come. She is so my little love, I am so lucky to be part of her story.

So, today Noelle discovered how to put her front paws on the button on top of the trash can. I told you, this girl is food motivated, and anything that even remotely smells like something she could eat, she wants. Thankfully she's still too tiny to be able to stick her head in there, but it's not a good habit for her to get into. So we're breaking that habit so she doesn't get herself sick when she's bigger.

Noelle's tummy has been a little upset again today, so we're still doing chicken and rice, and if it continues we will have to run a fecal and start her on Flagyl, but it has improved so I am hoping it will get better in the next 24 hours. Still, an upset stomach is NOT going to stop this little muffin from play time with her foster sisters!!

She is such a little monster, and SO loves other dogs!! She is still working on mastering the art of jumping, she's rather a sloppy jumper at this point, but it just adds to her cuteness! She has, however, mastered the art of the butt shake.

She loves loves LOVES our little Chewy. They are hilarious when they play together. Chewy is still young (about 2 years old) so she still has some of that puppy energy. Precious is more of the mama type, and is more interested in snuggles and food than she is in play time.

Noelle discovered ice today when she spun out on a slippery spot on the back sidewalk. No worries, she's fine, she just ran and sat on my feet and looked up at me like "why? why do such things happen to me?". And of course, I can't resist her wrinkly face and her wonky eyes, so I immediately pick her up and comfort her and she's up and running in no time.

I just had to take a pause while writing this because Noelle was telling me it was time for potty, and she is SUCH a good girl letting me know when she needs to go out. And good news!! Her 'sick butt' has subsided and is much more normal looking. I'd have taken a photo, but I think you can all appreciate the ongoing descriptions of her bowel movements enough.

On another note...

"HI FRIENDS!! I'm playing!!"

Noelle is so special to me. It's been such a joy watching her grow and watching her day to day improvements. It's going to be really difficult to say goodbye when the time comes. Please share her story with friends who may be interested in giving my angel her forever home. I mean, who could help but fall in love with this face?

Well, I'm off to chase our little Belly around the house and hopefully wear her out before bed time. As always, thank you for caring about this little miracle baby.

Go here to donate to her ongoing care/vet bill.

Good night!

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