Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Noelle: Day Eight

It's another momentous day in Noelle's recovery!! But first, I've got to back track to last night...

Noelle had her first chance to run free off leash!! We went to Jimmy's parent's house, and they have a well fenced back yard. I felt that Noelle was stable enough to be let off leash and allowed to romp on her own... and boy was I right!! I need to go over in the day time tomorrow to get some video, but let me tell ya, when she's not eating snow, that girl is RUNNING!!

I didn't manage to get the running on camera yet, but I did get some snow eating!

I imagine the cold snow feels great on her sore gums. I'd definitely rather she chew that than chew my fingers!

Yesterday in the late afternoon we had a nice long walk, and Noelle did "sit" on command!! OK, maybe it was just coincidence that I said "sit!" and she wobbled her little butt down, but it was a very exciting moment. More exciting, though, is that when I crouched down to pet her and tell her what a good girl she is, she JUMPED!! Like, all four feet left the ground. The intention was to nip at a big button on my jacket. Again, I know, not great behavior, I shouldn't encourage it, blah blah blah, but for now it's still HOLY CRAP! Noelle JUMPED! As you can see, we were very excited:

OK, I was very excited. Noelle looks like an embarrassed child who has just realized she is too old to be kissed by her mom in public. And I don't care. I'm gonna kiss that wrinkly little head every chance I get, and I'm going to be excited for her progress no matter how small it seems.

Today Noelle got a little familiar with our big dogs, Precious and Chewy. We can't let her really play or spend time with them yet, but sometimes they catch me sneaking her out the back door to go for our walks. In the brief time that they had to get to know each other, all tails were wagging. Noelle even jumped up to lick Chewy on the face, and then hauled butt across the kitchen trying to get Chewy to chase her. She's really turning into a real puppy. I know I've said it before, but it's still amazing and it's still exciting.

After all of the excitement,  Noelle tucked under the covers with me for some snoozing. Hearing her breathe her little puppy breath and make her little sleeping sounds is music to my ears. It melts my frozen little heart every time I see her sleeping peacefully, and I can't help but think what a miraculous little dog she is. I am so happy to get to take part in her recovery and in her happily ever after.

Thank you for caring about sweet Noelle. We still need help paying her vet bill and for her ongoing care (medication and follow up appointments), so please donate to her ChipIn page if you are able, and please spread the word about her story and her progress!


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