Thursday, January 6, 2011

Noelle: Day Ten!!

Good evening, friends of Noelle!

So, yesterday Noelle figured out how to bark. Like, really bark. It's tiny and cute, but it's no longer a wimper, it's a real bark. I love it! I love her progress!!

Unfortunately, Noelle had a sick tummy today, so we didn't have any adventures. Other than multiple showers to wash off poop. Good news- it's just the medication, it will pass. Here is a photo of her after her first bath, curled up in my lap snoozing away.

Poor baby girl, it's so hard to see her uncomfortable.

I made her some boiled chicken and rice for dinner (we skipped breakfast to give her tummy a chance to calm down) and she was very helpful in the kitchen. She's clearly not TOOOOOO sick, here's a photo of her trying to climb from the kitchen floor to a drawer right below the counter where the chicken was.

I am wiped out from the many walks, crate cleaning, showering, doggy bathing and what not today, but I am excited to announce that Noelle will be getting vaccinated and spayed on Tuesday, and we will be putting her on petfinder shortly. To go with that good news, here is a photo of her once again hunting down her chicken (it's in the green bowl in the bottom of the fridge).

I've started calling her "Belly" (first it was Noelley, then Noelley the Belly, now just Belly) because she is THE most food motivated puppy I've ever encountered. No matter how cruddy she feels or how 'out of it' we think she is, that girl can sense food from 3 rooms away and wastes no time getting to the source.

As she gets healthier, we get closer to time to say goodbye, and it is so bittersweet. I couldn't be happier at how well she's doing, I have the highest hopes for her continued recovery. I am going to be SUPER picky (like, pain in the butt picky) about where she goes, because she is a truly special dog and she truly deserves the best. I fall a little bit in love with all of our foster babies, but Noelle is really special, I will be really sad to see her go, but I am so happy for the chance she will have for a better future. This feels like the definition of love to me.

I'm off to powernap before Noelle's next round of what I refer to as "Sick Butt"... here's hoping she feels MUCH better tomorrow!!

Thank you for caring about Noelle, and as always, please donate to her care if you are able! Here is the link.


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